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Which Sound Level Meter?

Most of the professional grade sound level meters that we offer will fit in one of the outdoor kits. The correct meter must be chosen for your particular application and budget. The meter that satisfies most applications is the CEL633 as it offers the most detailed measurement facilities and upgrade options.

If you are not sure which meter most suits your application, or if none of these appears to be the right one then please contact us - - for more advice as there are many other meters in the range that can be used.

The most common options are shown below.

cr11b sound level meter
Class 1 Integrating
Data Logging
Auto timers
This is a broadband meter with all the expected environmental noise parameters (Leq, Ln, etc.) and automatic timers. Audio recording is included.
cr11b sound level meter
Class 1 Integrating
with Logging and
1/3 Octave Band Filters
The most advanced meter that we offer in an Outdoor Kit. This version includes environmental noise parameters (Leq, Ln, etc.), automatic timers and real-time 1/3 Octave Band Filters. Audio recording is included.
Pulsar 91
cr11b sound level meter
Class 1, Integrating
Data Logging
Auto timers
This meter satisfies most environmental noise surveys and can be set to make automatic repeating timed measurements (e.g. repeated 15-minute measurements). Provides many parameters including Leq, Ln, Lmax along with the 1-second time history to provide a graph of the noise levels over time.

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