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outdoor microphone for the cel630 series meters

Outdoor Microphone for CEL630 Series

The CEL6737 Outdoor Microphone is for use with the CEL630 series sound level meters, the most popular being the CEL633 Environmental Noise Meter.

The Outdoor Mic mounts on a tripod (not included) and offers excellent wind and rain protection for the microphone.

  • Weather protection for microphone capsule
  • Outdoor noise measurement
  • Stainless steel and plated brass construction
  • Gore-Tex windshield (acoustically transparent)
  • Open constructions prevents water logging
  • Stainless steel bird spikes

Although these Outdoor Mics can be bought on their own, they are usually supplied as part of an Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit, which includes the microphone system, weatherproof carrying case, cabling, sound level meter and Calibrator.

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Outdoor Mic
Weather protection for CEL630 series mic and preamp
Waterproof Microphone Extension Cable 5m
1 week
Waterproof Microphone Extension Cable 10m
1 week
Waterproof Microphone Extension Cable 30m
1 week
Mic Capsules
1/2 inch Microphone Capsule for Class 1 Sound Level Meters
1/2 inch Microphone Capsule for Class 2 Sound Level Meters

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