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Hire of 5 x doseBadge Noise Dosemeters

dosebadge noise dosemeter hire

The doseBadge noise dosemeter can be hired for one week or more to assess the noise levels that your workers are being exposed to.

Particularly useful for people who move around a lot, the doseBadge kit contains five dosemeters, making it ideal for monitoring a larger number of people during the hire period.

doseBadge features:

  • Small, lightweight and strong
  • Monitor five workers at the same time
  • No wires to catch on machinery

Hire Kit Includes:

  • 5 x doseBadge Noise Dosemeters
  • doseBadge Reader and Calibrator
  • Battery Charger
  • Software and download cable
  • Calibration Certificates for doseBadges and Calibrator

Availability and Booking

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More information

Hire Price Includes

  • Delivery to your premises
  • Collection
    At the end of the hire period we will contact you first and then arrange for a courier to come and collect the equipment.
    when finished
  • Shipping outside the hire period
    If you book the equipment for seven days then you have it on site for seven full days.

    If your hire starts on a Monday then we will ship the equipment to arrive on the Friday before the weekend.
  • Technical support and advice
  • Transit insurance
    We cover any loss or damage to the hire equipment while we ship it to your premises and the same on return if we arrange the collection.

Noise at Work Assessment

Noise exposure in the workplace can be assessed using either a hand-held sound level meter or using a noise dosemeter mounted on the worker's shoulder.

With a hand-held sound level meter you measure the sound level at each location and use this with the length of time the workers spends there to calculate the exposure. With a noise dosemeter you measure for the full working shift and it provides you with the overall exposure value.


Each doseBadge (there are five in the kit) contains a rechargeable battery. The unit itself is small and light weight. It mounts on the worker's shoulder to measure the noise levels close to the ear. The best way is to leave it measuring for the full working shift, providing you with the noise exposure level, LEPd, as required by the noise at work regulations.

Noise at Work - Factory Noise Surveys

The dBadge noise dosemeter is intended for measuring sound levels in a relatively noisy factory environment.

  • Measuring a worker's Noise Exposure LEP,d
  • Monitoring roving workers
  • Confined spaces
  • Inside machinery cabs
  • Monitoring multiple workers at the same time

For sound level measurement in lower noise environments you should use a hand-held sound level meter. For longer term measurements these hand-held meters can be mounted on a tripod.

Suitable meters would be the CEL620B Class 2 Sound Level Meter or the CEL633C1 Class 1 Sound Level Meter.

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