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Boundary Guardian - Noise and Dust Monitor

construction boundary dust and noise monitor
Boundary Noise and Dust Monitor

The Boundary Guardian can be fitted with sensors to monitor both noise and dust, or it can be supplied to monitor just noise or just dust. It is ideal for the following long-term applications:

  • Construction and demolition site boundary monitoring
  • Roadside and traffic monitoring
  • Noise and dust compliance monitoring
  • Other long term noise and/or dust monitoring


With measurements automatically uploaded to a web server, the reports are available at any time and from any location with access to the Internet.


Key Features

  • Real-time noise and dust level reporting
  • Class 1 Sound Level Meter (IEC 61672)
  • Environmental noise parameters (Leq, L90, etc.)
  • Proven dust measurement technology
  • Heated inlet to remove moisture
  • Maintenance free wind speed and direction sensors
  • Alarms by email or text (option)
  • Data abd reports viewed online in a standard web browser


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