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Noise Dosemeter and Hand-Held Noise Meter Combinations

kit with sound level meter and noise dosemeter
Noise at Work Combination Kit

Economy Combination Kit

  • Application - smaller business with mobile workers
    • Quick noise level checks using the sound level meter
    • Detailed noise at work assessment using the dBadges
  • Kit includes

The Economy Combination Kit is ideal for smaller industries with a lower number of mobile workers. The CEL240 is a Calibrated Class 2 Sound Level Meter and can be used for spot checks. The dBadge Noise Dosemeters are used for direct measurement of a worker's noise exposure.

CMB240/x Kit Contents

  • Noise Dosemeters:
    • dBadge Noise Dosemeters (mount on the worker's shoulder)
    • dBadge 3-way Charger
  • CEL240 Sound Level Meter
  • Sound Level Calibrator
  • Calibration Certificates for dBadges, Sound Level Meter and Calibrator
  • Carrying Case


economy noise measurement kit


Economy Combination Kit with 1 dBadge
In stock
Economy Combination Kit with 2 dBadges
In stock
Economy Combination Kit with 3 dBadges
In stock
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The following standard Combination Kits are available. Custom kits are available - contact us for more details.

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Combination Kit with 1 dBadge and CEL240 Sound Level Meter
In stock
Combination Kit with 2 dBadges and CEL240 Sound Level Meter
In stock
Combination Kit with 3 dBadges and CEL240 Sound Level Meter
In stock


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