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HAVi - Hand Arm Vibration Monitor

havi hand arm vibration monitor


The HAVi Hand Arm Vibration Monitor tracks the length of time that a worker is exposed to power tool vibration. Given the vibration magnitude for the tool, it then calculates the total exposure and displays the HSE points.

  • Hand Arm Vibration
  • HAVS Risk Assessment


HAVi Vibration Monitor Features

  • Accurately capture the trigger time
  • Easily moved between tools
  • Button push setup - no software needed

The HAVi monitor is attached to the power tool using the strap or ties provided - no glue or other permanent fixing so it can be easily moved between tools.

havi attached to a vibrating tool
HAVi Attached to a Grinder

After selecting the vibration magnitude for the tool (done using the buttons on the front), the HAVi detects the tool being started and accurately tracks the time used. This avoids a common problem of workers over-estimating the length of time that the tool was actually powered and in use. See the Using It page for more details.

The HAVi shows the vibration exposure in m/s2 along with the HSE points (so you don't have to work them out) and the trigger time.


Vibration kit with 6 HAVi monitors
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Vibration kit with 12 HAVi monitors
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Kit with 6 HAVi monitors
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These HAVi Vibration Kits include the monitors, metal cases, notepads and mounts.

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Vibration Kit with 6 HAVi Monitors, Cases and Log Books
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Vibration Kit with 12 HAVi Monitors, Cases and Log Books
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Vibration Kit with 24 HAVi Monitors, Cases and Log Books
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HAVi Manager with DVD, Poster Pack and Safety Cards
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