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NoiseSign - Noise Activated Warning Sign

noise sign
Noise Activated Warning Sign

Data Logging Noise Sign

An optional data logging module (order code NS-LOGG) turns the NoiseSign into a Data Logging Noise Sign. After storing the noise levels the logging module is connected to a computer for download.

data logger
The data logger stores sound level samples at rates of either 1 second, 10 seconds or 1 minute, giving recording times of 9 hours, 3½ days or 22 days respectively.

Using the Data Logging Module

connecting data logger
Plug the logger in
to the top of the sign
  1. Set the sample rate - 1sec, 10sec or 1 min.
  2. Plug the logger into the sign.

Leave it to make its measurements.

  1. Remove logger from sign.
  2. Connect to the computer's USB port.
  3. Run the software to view the measurements.
downloading the noise measurements
Plug the logger into the computer's
USB port to download the measurements

The Software

The NoiseSign software is included with the Data Logger option, order code NS-LOGG. It serves two purposes: configuring the logger and viewing the results.

Configuring the Logger

Plug the data logging into your USB port. The software can now be used to set the sample rate to 1 second, 10 seconds or 1 minute.

The logger can also be set to start recording at a preset time. By default, the logging will start shortly after connecting the unit to the NoiseSign.

noise sign software
Software for the NoiseSign Logging Noise Warning Sign

View the Results

The results are viewed graphically. The graph can be easily zoomed and scrolled to show areas of particular interest.

Using Other Software

To give total flexibility, the noise measurements are stored in standard CSV files, which can be read directly by most Spreadsheet, Word Processor and Text Editor programs. Once imported into a Spreadsheet program, you can create custom reports with graphs.

Typical CSV Data File Content

Name,Serial Number,Start Time,Interval,Trigger Level
NoiseSign,15640,10/08/2009 18:20:00,1,65

"Office Area 5"

Notes ""

10/08/2009 18:20:00,64.1
10/08/2009 18:20:01,63.4
10/08/2009 18:20:02,64.2
10/08/2009 18:20:03,65.2
10/08/2009 18:20:04,64.4
10/08/2009 18:20:05,60.6
10/08/2009 18:20:06,56.3
10/08/2009 18:20:07,53.7
10/08/2009 18:20:08,60.2


Sample CSV data file (256k)
Right-click and choose Save as... option

Example of Data Formatted in Excel

noise data spreadsheet

Download sample Excel Spreadsheet file (567k)
Right-click and choose Save as... option


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