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Low Cost Noise Meter - NM102

nm102 noise meter

Noise Meter with Calibrator

Measurement Kit with Noise Meter and Sound Level Calibrator

The NM102-K Noise Measurement Kit comes complete with the following items:

  • NM102 Noise Meter
  • NM100 Sound Level Calibrator
  • Wind Shield
  • Hard carrying case for all items
  • Soft case for the sound level meter
  • Batteries for sound meter and calibrator
  • User manual for meter and calibrator

This sound level meter and calibrator combination have been designed to be very quick and easy to use. The hard carrying case protects the meter and calibrator but we also include the soft case so that the meter alone can be carried around without getting damaged.

The Noise Meter

The noise meter that is included in the kit has a high specification, including "A" and "C" weighting, Fast and Slow time response and Min/Max Hold. The large display is easy to read and is fitted with a backlight for use in poor light conditions.

Please visit the Low Cost Noise Meter page for more information on the noise level meter itself.

sound level calibrator


The Sound Level Calibrator

The NM100 is a Class 2 Dual Level Calibrator, operating at 94 and 114 dB, 1 kHz.

calibrating the sound meter

Before making a measurement, the calibrator is placed over the microphone and switched on to 94 dB(A). Any adjustments can be made automatically by simply pressing two buttons on the sound level meter. The meter calibrates itself.

The calibrator is then removed from the microphone and switched off.

Noise at Work Measurements - Please note that for measuring occupational noise to the European Noise at Work regulations, you should usually use a Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter rather than a simple non-integrating meter such as the NM102. For more help please visit our Noise at Work information page. For any noise monitoring application it is always wise to check whether there are any regulations that state the grade of meter that should be used and define the parameters that the meter should measure.

noise meter data sheets NM102 Noise Meter Datasheet (PDF, 110k)
NM100 Sound Level Calibrator Datasheet (PDF, 62k)


Low Cost Sound Level Meter
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Sound Level Meter with Calibrator
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Used NM102
Second Hand Sound Level Meter
Used NM102-K
Sound Level Meter and Calibrator
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Sound Level Meter with Windshield, Case and Battery
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Sound Level Meter with Calibrator, Windshield, Case and Battery
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