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Low Cost Noise Meter - NM102

nm102 noise meter

NM102 Noise Meter

Noise Meters with Similar Applications

While the NM102 is a sound level meter that is easy to use and accurate, you may have measurement demands or regulations that state that you need something more.

If you need a meter with a traceable calibration certificate then the CEL240 is the lowest cost Type 2 meter that we offer with this facility (included in the price).

If your regulations state that you need an Integrating sound level meter then please select one from the list below. The CEL246 is the lowest cost Integrating meter that we offer, while the CEL620A is ideal for workplace noise measurement as it includes Peak for the assessment of loud banging noises.

If you are at all unsure about the type of meter you need then please give us a call or drop us an email. We are very happy to help you select the most suitable meter for your noise measurement application.

Product   Description Price
CEL240 doseBadge noise dosemeter Class 2 Calibrated Sound Level Meter
Our lowest cost Calibrated Sound Level Meter - certificate included
CEL246 integrating meter with octave band filters Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter
For noise measurement applications needing in Integrating meter
CEL620 integrating meter with octave band filters Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter with Octave Band Filter Option
For a detailed noise at work assessment in line with the EU and UK regulations
Pulsar 92 data logging sound level meter Data Logging Sound Level Meter for Noise at Work
Stores noise measurements for download, analysis and reporting
NoiseSign noisesign noise warning sign Noise Warning Sign with Logging and Remote Options
For "noisy" and "quiet" environments, warns when noise is above adjustable limit.
SoundEar noise activated warning sign SoundEar II Noise Activated Warning Sign
Shows when the noise levels have gone over a preset limit.
Industrial noise activated warning sign SoundEar II Industrial Noise Activated Warning Sign
Indicates when sound levels are high and hearing protection is needed.


Low Cost Sound Level Meter
In stock
Sound Level Meter with Calibrator
In stock


Used NM102
Second Hand Sound Level Meter
Used NM102-K
Sound Level Meter and Calibrator
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Similar Products

CEL240 Sound Level Meter
Calibrated Type 2 General Purpose
In stock

CEL246 Logging Sound Meter
Integrating and data logging
In stock

CEL620 Noise at Work Meter
Workplace noise assessments.
In stock

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