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Hiring Hand Arm Vibration Meters and Exposure Time Monitors

Available for weekly hire, we have the VEXO Hand Arm Vibration Meter, which uses a tri-axial sensor to measure the vibration of power tools. We also have HAVi exposure time monitors for assessing the total vibration that workers are exposed to.

Our "Combination Kits" include a VEXO meter to measure the vibration of each tool along with HAVi exposure time monitors to assess each worker's exposure level.

Hire Price Includes

  • Complete Kits - everything you need
  • Delivery and Collection
  • Shipping Outside the Hire Period

Hand Arm Vibration Exposure Time Monitors

  • Measure vibration exposure time
  • Calculates HSE points
  • Kit with 6 monitors
The HAVi hand arm vibration monitor accurately tracks the length of time the tool is used. It then calculates the vibration exposure and displays the HSE points.

This kit includes six vibration exposure time monitors, log books and instructions.
First week: £87.00 +VAT
Additional days: £9.00 +VAT

Hand Arm Vibration Meter

  • Hand arm vibration assessment
  • Tri-Axial Sensor
  • Data logging with software
The GA2006H Vexo Hand Arm Vibration Meter makes all the measurements required by the regulations for HAV risk assessments.

Kit includes meter with tri-axial accelerometer, Vibdata software and carrying case.
First week: £262.00 +VAT
Additional days: £34.00 +VAT

HAV Meter and 6 HAVi Monitors

  • Measure vibration and exposure times
  • VEXO Tri-Axial HAV meter
  • 6 x HAVi exposure monitors
The VEXO meter measures the vibration from hand-held equipment, while the HAVi devices measure the vibration exposure time.

Kit contains the VEXO vibration meter with software, six HAVi exposure time monitors and a carrying case.
First week: £318.00 +VAT
Additional days: £42.00 +VAT
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