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Privacy Statement - No Tracking Cookies, No Targetted Adverts

Privacy Statement

NoiseMeters will not pass your contact details to any third party without first gaining your permission. The information you provide will be used only for NoiseMeters to contact you about our products and to answer your questions.

Cookies - No Tracking

We don't use any tracking cookies and do not include tracking cookies or advertising cookies from any third parties. You will not be subject to any targetted marketing as a result of visiting our web site.

During checkout our site uses a temporary cookie to handle your cart. The cookie is removed when you complete your checkout or is deleted automatically by your browser when it closes.

If you change your region (the box at the top-right of this page) then we store a very small cookie so that it remembers your location when you return, rather than having to select it again.

Environmental Statement

You will have noticed that our site is quick. A lot of effort has gone in to making it very efficient in its use of resources. As a result our site operates on a minimal specification server, uses very little bandwidth and puts little strain on your computer and browser. You see this as a fast site, but it also results in a much lower impact on the environment (reduction in power used) than most other sites.

As more and more power is used by web servers we encourage web developers to take the extra time and care to reduce a web site's environmental impact.

No Newsletter?

We used to send out a monthly newsletter, but stopped a while ago as we don't believe most people want to receive unsolicited newsletters or emails pestering them to sign up or agree to receiving it. We understand that most of our customers contact us if they need something and don't need prompting to do so.

If you liked reading our news stories then they are still available on-line in our News Stories section. We have regular updates still, but will not fill your in-box with them!