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Hire of Homeowner Noise Nuisance Recorder

homeowner neighbour noise monitor

A noise nuisance recorder for homeowners and tenants with neighbour noise issues.


  • Noisy neighbours
  • Barking Dogs
  • Music, Shouting, Banging

Main Features

  • Configured, ready to go
  • No software
  • No complicated analysis
  • We produce the reports (view sample reports)

Hire Kit Includes

  • Sound Level Meter in a protective, locked case
  • Microphone and mini-tripod
  • Power adapter
Hire Period:

Homeowner & Tenant

We offer this rental and reporting service for the householder who is having problems with neighbour noise and needs to gather evidence to show the authorities that the problem is genuine. As most home owners are not experts at noise measurement, we supply the homeowner unit already configured, calibrated and ready to go. All you have to do is connect the microphone and plug in the power. After that, whenever you hear the nuisance noise you press the Record button on the box.

When we get the equipment back at the end of the hire period we download the measurements and produce reports (view sample reports). We send you a link by email and you can view the reports using your web browser, so no special software is needed.


We send the equipment to your home address in a carrying case, usually by DHL next day service. At the end of the hire period you just re-pack the equipment in the same box and we send DHL to collect it from you. There is no extra charge for this, it is included in the price shown above.

If it is not convenient for you to be at home for the collection at the end of hire then we can usually arrange for it to be collected from somewhere else, like your place of work.

An email will be sent to you with your login details to access the report. You will usually get this email within two working days of NoiseMeters receiving the equipment back.

Noisy Neighbours

  • Loud music
  • Shouting and verbal abuse
  • Antisocial neighbours
  • Dogs barking
  • Banging on floors, walls and ceilings

Other Applications

Although primarily intended for recording neighbour noise, the Noise Nuisance Recorder is useful for other noise sources, especially those of a sporadic nature. However, as this is the Homeowner version, it does not come with software for carrying out your own detailed analysis.

For other applications please have a look at the Professional Noise Nuisance Recorder.

Setting up

The Homeowner version of the Noise Nuisance Recorder is designed for use by people with little or no experience of using this type of equipment. We supply it configured and ready to go. You just need to plug the microphone in and apply power. The meter will start up and be ready to record audio within two minutes.

The sound level meter monitors the sound level continuously, gathering a statistical description of the background sound levels. When you hear the problem noise you press a button on the outside of the case to instruct the meter to record the audio for one minute. It also keeps 30 seconds of audio before you press the button, so it gets the noise that you heard just before telling it to record.


At the end of the hire period you put it all back in the box and we arrange for it to be collected.

Once back at our offices we download all the noise measurement results and recordings from the meter and generate the reports. Once complete, we email you a link along with your username and password. The reports can be viewed using your usual web browser. No special software is needed and nothing is installed on your computer.

Sound Level Meter

The Noise Nuisance Recorder contains a Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter that meets the following standards:

  • IEC 61672 Class 1
  • IEC 60651 and IEC 60804 Type 1
  • ANSI S1.4 and S1.43 Type 1

The Sound Level Calibrator meets IEC 60942 Class 1 and ANSI S1.40:2006 Class 1.

Noise Nuisance Kit Details

Weight2.9 kg
Dimensions350 x 295 x 152 mm
Power110 to 240 VAC (power adapter included)
Mic Extension1 metre
Range30 to 100 dB(A)
Audio Recording2400 minutes in high quality