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HAVi - Hand Arm Vibration Monitor

Hand Arm Vibration Monitor
Hand Arm Vibration Monitor
Hand Arm Vibration Monitor HAVi Vibration Monitor Hand Arm Vibration Monitor

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Vibration Kit with 6 HAVi Monitors, Cases and Log Books
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£1180.00 +VAT
Vibration Kit with 12 HAVi Monitors, Cases and Log Books
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£2290.00 +VAT
Vibration Kit with 24 HAVi Monitors, Cases and Log Books
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HAVi Manager with DVD, Poster Pack and Safety Cards
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£1180.00 +VAT
Vibration Kit with 12 HAVi Monitors, Cases and Log Books
In stock


  • Accurately capture the trigger time
  • Easily moved between tools
  • Button push setup - no software needed


  • Hand Arm Vibration
  • HAVS Risk Assessment

The HAVi Hand Arm Vibration Monitor tracks the length of time that a worker is exposed to power tool vibration. Given the vibration magnitude for the tool, it then calculates the total exposure and displays the HSE points.

The HAVi monitor is attached to the power tool using the strap or ties provided - no glue or other permanent fixing so it can be easily moved between tools.

After selecting the vibration magnitude for the tool (done using the buttons on the front), the HAVi detects the tool being started and accurately tracks the time used. This avoids a common problem of workers over-estimating the length of time that the tool was actually powered and in use. See the Using It tab above for more details.

The HAVi shows the vibration exposure in m/s2 along with the HSE points (so you don't have to work them out) and the trigger time.

Using the HAVi

The HAVi is used to help you assess the level of vibration that workers are exposed to when using various power tools. The exact details of a full HAVS risk assessment may vary, but in general consists of:

  • Find the vibration magnitude figure for each tool - provided by the tool manufacturer or measured using a Vibration Meter
  • Find out how long the tool is used for
  • Calculate the worker's total exposure (based on magnitude and time)

The HAVi makes this process easier and more accurate by measuring the length of time the tool is used for and by calculating the total exposure, even providing you with the HSE points that are used for the risk assessment decisions.


setup the vibration magnitude of the power tool

The amount of vibration produced by the tool must be known. This is provided by the manufacturer or, especially with tools that vary considerably with different materials, can be measured using a Vibration Meter.

Set the m/s2 figure for the tool using the buttons on the front of the HAVi.

Attach to Tool

vibration monitor mounted on the tool

The HAVi is attached to the tool using the velcro strap or ties that are supplied in the kit. It needs to be firmly attached, but this is not as critical as when using a Vibration Meter - the HAVi detects the vibration of the tool but is not measuring it.

The HAVi can be moved between tools to follow the worker, or can be left attached to one tool to avoid having to re-enter the vibration magnitude figure.


vibration monitor mounted on the tool

The HAVi senses the tool operating. It starts and stops automatically, recording the length of time the tool is in use (trigger time), and calculating the total vibration exposure. This is displayed as HSE points.

The monitor also has a warning light that flashes amber when the Exposure Action Level (EAV = 100 points) is exceeded and red when the Exposure Limit Value (ELV = 400 points) is exceeded.

Vibration Monitoring Kits

The HAVi Vibration Monitor is usually supplied in a kit that includes 6, 12 or 24 monitors along with all necessary accessories.

Kit Contents

  • A quantity of HAVi Vibration Monitors
  • Heavy Duty Cases (one for each monitor)
  • Notepads to record results
  • Mounting straps and ties
heavy duty case
HAVi in its Heavy Duty Case

Order Codes

The order codes for the HAVi Kits are HAVI-Kx, where x indicates the number of monitors included. For example, the HAVI-K6 kit includes six monitors and accessories.

Vibration and Noise Kits

We have a range of Combination Kits that include a sound level meter or noise dosimeters in a robust carrying case.

For more information please visit the Combination Kits pages.

HAVi Manager System

The HAVi Manager System is a complete off the shelf solution when it comes to HAVS compliance that can be easily implemented by one person! The system consists of:

  • Risk Tool Kit (Assess exposure compared to legal values)
  • Tool Inventory
  • Risk Elimination Documentation
  • Risk Reduction and Control Documentation
  • Training Presentation
  • Training DVD
  • The HAVi Manager Documentation
  • Posters
havi manager system
HAVi Manager System Documentation and Training DVD

Order Code

The order code for the HAVi Manager option is HAVI-MAN. The price is shown below.